Tuesday, November 27, 2012

None Left Standing (2005)

Pack: Tomb of Terrors
Disc: 7

Subgenre(s): Drama

Year: 2005 (IMDb says 2002)

Rated: Unrated
Length: 92 minutes

Director: Samuel N. Benavides
Writer: Samuel N. Benavides
Starring: Jace Armstrong, Mike Heistand, Jason Culberson

Synopsis: With a heavy infatuation with modern cinema, Jon Andrews and friends, Scott and Randy, devise a plot to film a horrific event in a bad part of town and enter it into a local film festival disguised as a film they wrote, directed, and produced. After an unfortunate set of events, Jon unleashes his manipulative violent nature and as a result jeopardizes Randy and Scott's friendship. This psychological urban drama dares to illustrate the fine line between passion and perversion through a showcase of the pleasures and dangers of one's will to succeed, no matter what the cost.


Review: None Left Standing isn't a horror movie at all. It's just the story of three student filmmakers who witness a murder and fall out over using the footage as part of their own project. At least two of them are obsessively unbalanced, but the third is a total wimp until the end.

The acting is very good, but the film is far too long with not enough variety to sustain anyone's interest. On my copy of disc 7 of "Tomb of Terrors" most of chapter 2 doesn't even play which is somewhat of a relief based on the parts that I didn't skip through on fast forward.

Jace Armstrong's role as a potential psychopath just waiting to be tipped over the edge is the focus. His make-up at one point reeks of other teenage nutjobs such as those responsible for the Columbine massacre. Unfortunately, he's too alienating to be a sympathetic character, and his friends aren't far off being just as crazy themselves. What should have been a gritty drama about madness descends into nothing but squabbling and paranoia until it jumps the shark with another murder.

There's some blood but no gore, and you don't even see the murder which is the core of the movie. Apart from a couple of brief fights, it's all just a lot of arguing and overwritten monologues expounding one pseudo-philosophical cliché after another.

No wonder there are no reviews of None Left Standing online. It's definitely one to skip.

Most Memorable Moment(s): The very empty bus.

Originality: Not sure. It has the same vibe as Judgment Night (1993) at times excpet it doesn;t really dwell on that aspect.

Best Line(s): "Please don't judge me as if I'm a film critic."
Worst Line(s): "I create shit."

Best Effect(s): The blood.
Worst Effect(s): The blood.

Goriness (out of 10): 1
Sexiness (out of 10): 0
Profanities (out of 10): 4

Hottest Actor/Actress: Jace Armstrong as Jon Andrews. (Apart from the teacher, there are no actresses with speaking roles).

Picture Quality: Average
Audio Quality: Average

Rating (out of 10): 1

Trailer: None
IMDb or Wiki: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1419944/

Final Thoughts: Not horror. Not very interesting either.

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