Mortuary of Madness

Mortuary of Madness 50 Movie Pack

Pendulum Pictures presents:
Mortuary of Madness, a pulse pounding gore-fest of 50 independent horror films filled with violence and madness. Satisfy your thirst for blood with films like Silent Bloodnight, The Slasher, Blood Stained Bride and vampire greats such as A Vampire's Tale and Vampire Whores From Outer Space. Enter the darkness and insanity with A Bothered Conscience, Super Hell and Edgar Allan Poe's Darkness. Serial Killers, Zombies, Vampires, Witches, Monsters, Freaks and Beautiful Vixens are all here in this sinister compilation just waiting to terrify you!

Abe's Tomb
Bimbos B.C.
Black Ribbon
Blood Bound
Blood Stained Bride
A Bothered Conscience
Creeply Clips
Curse of Pirate Death
Curse of the Wolf
Dark Light
Dark Places
Dead Teenagers
Drawing Blood
Edgar Allan Poe's Darkness
The Expedition
Fear of the Dark
Fist of the Vampire
The Great American Snuff Film
Hell's Threshold
Home Made
I Dream of Dracula
The Innocent
Into Thy Hands
Kill Syndrome
Killer Story
Knight Chills
Mrs. Amworth
Nutcracker: An American Nightmare
Planet Blood
Pony Trouble
Puppet Show
Sickness House
Silent Bloodnight
Super Hell
Super Hell 2
This Darkness: The Vampire Virus
The Vampire Conspiracy
Vampire Whöres from Outer Space
A Vampire's Tale

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